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A Clockwork Heart

Title page

Welcome to my new story, "A Clockwork Heart". I have a lot going on in RL, so the updates may be far between, but I hope you'll stick around and see it through with me!


As he attached the pressure release valve and screwed on the handle, Talson Curious looked down at his latest masterpiece; a clockwork heart like no other. The face of the Amperes pressure gauge looked back at him expectantly, waiting to reveal the PSI of the steam pressure that would soon be powering his greatest invention. He pushed his goggles up to his forehead to inspect the shiny metal gears and cogs a bit closer, but was interrupted by the “toot toot!” of a steam whistle outside.

Accustomed to ignoring everything but the invention in front of him, he almost dismissed it out of hand, but today, something tugged at him. Finger-tightening the nuts that would hold the line connections, he walked with the tiny device to the window of his lab that faced the street, and saw P.T. Smith’s steamcar waiting at the curb.

The ceremony!’ Talson realized he was supposed to be at Twimbrook City Hall, receiving some honor or another, and giving a speech about…’the speech!’ He’d completely forgotten to prepare a speech. Another “Toot!” spurred him to action. Quickly shoving the component into his pants pocket, he sprinted for the door.

ch 1 #1 

A thunderous applause filled the streets before City Hall from the surprisingly large crowd, in response to the mayor’s speech. Yesterday’s rains had allowed for a low-pollution count on this special day, and the turn-out was grand. A sea of Ladies hats dotted the mob with small bursts of color.

People and families gathered for the morning ceremony, looking to catch a glimpse of sunlight and breathe air that hadn’t been generated or run through filters. However, as the afternoon drew down upon them, people were beginning to check the gathering red-hued clouds overhead, as well as the still-green O2 sensors hung at every corner, knowing their time outdoors was growing short.

ch 1 #1 A 

The mayor’s voice boomed over the scene. “The robots of our forefathers were built to travel outdoors when humans could no longer do so safely. Those early models took care of more than we could ever have imagined just thirteen years ago. They helped us when the air grew toxic by handling the repairs and maintenance of our homes and buildings.

More importantly, they joined our scientists on the assembly lines, retro-fitting all pollution emitting devices to function on steam once again, as was done in the Great Times. That was a vital function; however…” He paused for effect.

Satisfied with the anticipation on the faces below him, he continued. “It was Talson Curious’ simbots that first functioned in the capacity of doing our errands; allowing us to stay indoors in the safety of the oxy generators, while the Military Environmental Protection Agency worked to clean our air and water supply.” He smiled, enjoying and prolonging every second he had before such a large crowd.

ch 1 #2 

“Talson engineered the functional designs of this exciting new breed of simbots, but he didn’t stop there. He is the writer of the programs that allowed the simbots to not only access funds in our banks, but to know how much can be safely spent; to know what supplies are needed from the shops and what can wait, and to retrieve those goods for us; to basically make decisions based on their master’s needs!

Today, they go even further; joining our workforce and bringing income into more homes, providing financial security to those unable to work, and taking that burden from the tax payers!”

Again, the mayor stopped to allow a generous burst of applause from the crowd. Amidst the excitement, he could also see the crowd growing restless. He realized that he’d lost all track of time due to his love of speech-making. Taking a peek at his own O2 wrist sensor, he knew it was time to wrap it up.

ch 1 #3 

Talson stifled a yawn as the mayor droned on. He slid his hand into his front pocket, and wrapped it around the clockwork heart. His fingers found the smooth edges of the casing, and followed it up to the steam release valve. The cogs and gears on the opposite side were in stark contrast to that smoothness with their teeth, which would mesh perfectly with each other by the time he was done with it.

This was the device that would power the greatest simbot he’d ever built. The ‘bot was still in pieces, at home on his workbench, and he longed to be there with it now.

Not much longer’ he told the heart. ‘Soon, we’ll be out of here, and you’ll be working a new streamlined engine and hydraulic system like no one’s ever seen.’ He closed the heart inside his fist, and imagined the ticking the gears would make once all the connections had been made, when he was he was brought out of his musings by the blustering voice of the mayor…

************************************************************************************************************* Photobucket

“…So in conclusion, I award this Key to the City to Talson Curious, for the vast leaps in Simbotics he has brought to the world. Talson, you have made Twinbrook the Simbot capital of the nation, and put us on the map! We are forever grateful and proud of our hometown son.”

After shaking Talson’s hand for what seemed the hundredth time, he presented Talson with the Key, and turned the local hero to face the crowd. “Talson Curious, everyone!”

With the Key in one hand, Talson reluctantly removed his other hand from his pocket, releasing the clockwork heart. He scanned the crowd, amazed at the excitement on their faces. ‘Hometown son. He knows I’m from Bridgeport. I don’t know what’s worse; that a lab rat like me can draw these kinds of crowds or that P.T. forces me to attend these circuses!

Looking down to avoid the collective focus of the crowd, he blushed, realizing that he was still in his work clothes. He’d been so busy with the new simbot, he’d forgotten all about the ceremony until P.T.‘s steamcar arrived to pick him up. He never even thought about how he was dressed.

Talson gave a shy smile and a wave, wishing they’d just get on with it so he could get home to his lab. ‘These people don’t want to hear from me; I should be home working on my new ‘bot, not here making useless speeches.’

Ch 1 # 4 

Talson spied P.T. and his wife clapping loudly near the front of the crowd. His boss gave Talson a nod of encouragement. He knew what P.T. expected of him.


‘Advertising is a necessary evil for people like us, Talson.” P.T. always told him. “The world won’t know of our advances if we don’t tell them, and they don’t want to feel they’ve been kept in the dark.” 

He knew P.T.’s speech by heart. He’d been listening to it for the last seven years; ever since he’d been invited to work for the Jules Verne Society. “The public needs to be kept in the loop; to have a friendly face to put with our technology. That way, a ‘thinking’ simbot doesn’t seem so frightening to them.’  


P.T. believed that Talson was that face.


Talson stepped forward to the podium, looking worriedly to the sky. He realized the sun had been beating down on the damaged ozone layer all morning, causing the toxic chemicals that had been washed into the ground with the rain to evaporate and return to the air. The thought of the damaged air always drew his family to mind, but he quickly pushed all thoughts of them away.

‘They had a choice. They made it. End of story.’

Looking back at the waiting crowd, his stage fright kicked in full force, and he suddenly forgot the speech he hastily prepared in the steamcar. ‘Just say thanks.’ He scolded himself. ‘Soon you’ll be back at your lab with your ‘bot and away from

Ch 1 # 5 

Just as Talson opened his mouth to offer the obligatory words of thanks, the Oxy Monitors hanging from the streetlamps began their wail, effectively ending the celebration. With a moan of disappointment, the crowds began to filter through the streets on foot or in steam-powered vehicles to return to their homes. The trains had scheduled in an extra run to accommodate the town’s celebration, and the sealed, oxygen-filled platforms were quickly filling.

“Thank God.” muttered Talson as he left the podium to meet up with the Smiths, who were organizing a small gathering at their home for him. Their steamcar was waiting for him at the rear of the building, and his hand automatically found the mechanical heart in his pocket once again as he walked to it.

‘I just have to get through this dinner, and I can get back to my lab. Honestly, how do they expect me to get anything done with all these interruptions?’ Talson sighed dejectedly as he got in the steamcar and headed for the Smith’s home, which was also one of the nation’s main oxy-monitoring stations.

Ch 1 # 6 

The Smith’s home never ceased to amaze Talson. It stood so tall, that it could be seen from almost any point in town. The platforms of different levels seemed to go up forever; past the chemical and natural clouds, almost high enough to touch the bellies of the great airships, whose props would rattle the platforms as they sailed by. The sad part was that only the ‘bots could actually scale their heights.  

Each day, or several times a day if an alert was issued, the ‘bots would take readings from each level on the platforms. They brought the information back to P.T.’s wife, Sabine, who did her analysis and forwarded the results to the Military Environmental Protection Agency.

It was her data that all the oxy monitors were created from; she was the reason that anyone could venture outdoors at all. Yet, the dinner today was in Talson’s honor, not Sabine’s.

            Talson shook his head at the absurdity.

Ch 1 # 7 

Talson took the heart from his pocket, absently tightening the fittings which would join it to the internal boiler and pipes inside the ‘bot. As he worked, he found himself stealing a glance at Sabine as they drove the steamcar around to the back of the house and into the sealed garage. 

 He remembered P.T. telling him once, ‘She doesn’t like the attention any more than you do, but what she does isn’t frightening, it’s welcome; expected even. People expect the government to look out for them and clean up their mess.’

The pallor of her skin was her testament for her work with the damaged atmosphere, as well as her rescue attempts of the Darklings.

The only known survivor of the Darkling Disease.’ And the one topic he could never discuss with her. Talson refused to dwell on the Darklings. He returned his focus to Sabine.

She didn’t notice the prejudice that came with her oxy-deprived coloring and features; it was a non-issue to her. Anyone who met Sabine simply couldn’t hate a creature that was so filled with love.

‘Maybe that’s what drew P.T. to her.’ Talson mused as the steamcar powered down and the garage seal activated, allowing them to exit. ‘Maybe she taught him how to ignore the stares and veiled insults that came with P.T. being one of the first outlanders to live here on Earth.’

The truth was, without P.T.’s mentoring at the Jules Verne Society, Talson would never have made the advances in simbotics that he did. And that was surely another reason P.T. pushed Talson into the limelight; to keep himself out of it.

They made their way inside to the waiting party.

CH 1 #8 

Seeing Talson’s face, P.T. came and laid a hand on his shoulder. “There there, Talson. The worst is over. Now it’s just a dinner party. Enjoy yourself for once! Plus, I don’t have to remind you that the more they see the human face behind what the ‘bots can do, the less threatening they seem.   To help them, we have to coddle them.”

Then stop reminding me!’ It was like a broken record playing in Talson’s head. He was tired of hearing it, but he knew P.T. was right. He only wished it didn’t have to be his face. Advances required sacrifice; he knew this. He’d lived this. He realized he’d almost been pouting, and it was time to put a stop to it. He wasn’t one to feel sorry for himself. He pushed his pity party out of his head and laughed with embarrassment.

“That obvious, was I?”

“Only to me, son. Only to me. Now let’s enjoy this party before you lock yourself back up in that lab with the new ‘bot and we don’t see you for a month.”

P.T. clapped him on the back and walked him into the living room, where the guests had gathered. A quick headcount showed that, once again, Sabine was playing matchmaker for him. He loved Sabine like a mother, and she persisted in acting like one. 

Ch 1 #9 

Sabine was always letting him know how she felt about his bachelorhood.

“You spend too much time alone, Talson!” she always chided him.

“That’s why I can devote so much attention to your oxy ‘bots!” He’d always reply.

“A man needs a good woman to take care of things while he’s working. I’ve seen your house, Talson. And look at that hair! You need a wife; or at the very least, a housebot!”

Her Victorian ideals matched those of the Great Times as well as the world around them, even while being one of the top oxy analysts in the world. Although, as independent as she was in the workforce, she managed to find time to have these gatherings, as well as adopting orphans, which she doted on endlessly. So far, the brood stood at three boys, not counting Talson himself.

The Smith’s had all but adopted him as well, had in fact brought him to Twinbrook. Even now that he was grown Sabine made sure he had dinners in his refrigerator and a laundry service for his clothes. He never saw a soul; it was as if ghosts walked through his home, leaving things and taking others. From her poorly hidden ‘cat that ate the canary’ smiles, Talson knew Sabine was behind it all.

P.T.’d mentioned that lately, she’d been hinting that they needed a girl to break up the male majority in the house. Talson had no doubt that a little girl would soon be joining the Smith family.

‘What Sabine wants, Sabine gets.’

ch 1 # 10 

And no sooner had he finished the thought, he saw Sabine steering a beautiful woman towards him. Sabine was beaming at Talson as she guided the woman by the elbow through the crowded room. He nervously found himself palming the mechanical heart in his pocket.

“Talson, you must meet Marguerite Florenta! I’m sure you recognize her from her singing career, and she’s just dying to hear about your work with the simbots!” Turning her head to Marguerite, she added, “Marguerite, this, of course, is Talson Curious. You two have so much in common! I’ll just leave you to talk.” Like a wisp of smoke, Sabine disappeared, leaving the two strangers staring at each other.

‘Sabine, one of these days…’ Talson let the thought trail off and turned his attention to the woman. “So, Marguerite, you’re a singer?” Talson might have the radio on while he worked or swam laps sometimes, but didn’t have a clue as to the current famous groups or singers.

Ch 1 # 11 

“Please, call me Rita. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to talk to someone who actually doesn’t know my music!” Rita laughed, and Talson worried he’d offended her.

“I’m sorry; I’m just so busy with my work that I don’t follow the entertainment industry much.” He added silently, ‘more like at all.’ as he blushed with embarrassment.

“Don’t be sorry!” she soothed, “It’s nice to be able to just be myself, like anyone else.”

“I have to say, I know exactly how you feel. I was thrilled to get out of making that speech today. There’s nothing worse than droning on about a topic no one really wants to hear about.” He realized how that sounded as soon as it left his lips.

“I didn’t mean that no one wants to hear about your music –“ he began.

Her easy laugh calmed his jangled nerves. “Don’t worry, I knew what you meant. So the social thing; you don’t do this much, do you?”

Ch 1 # 12 

“Only when the Smith’s threaten me with death. I’m sorry. I’m just not good with people.” He observed his best friend Charles from the JVS, as well as Sabine watching them with interest and wished he could just find a hole to crawl into until this party was over. He turned the heart over in his pocket.

“Quit apologizing and just stick with me. We can hide here in the corner all night; you from your adoring fans, and me from my obnoxious secretary. She’s got every minute of every day filled with parties and media events. That girl would plan my dreams at night if she could figure out how.”

Talson was surprised to find himself beginning to relax. He was always awkward with people, especially women, who expected him to be something he wasn’t. Maybe the fact that she was avoiding people too made him feel more at ease. It was probably the first time he’d ever shared common ground with a woman.

“So, it looks like we’ll need something neutral to talk about tonight. Let’s see. No music, no simbotics. Won’t mention that you’re still wearing your goggles on your head.”

Talson reached up and, sure enough, they were sitting there. He squeezed his eyes shut and grimaced.

“We can just talk about…” Rita paused, looking around the room, until her eyes landed on the table bursting with food. “What a wonderful cook Sabine is!”

“Now that’s something we can go on about all night!” Talson heard a chuckle and realized it came from him.

Ch 1 #13 

“You have a wonderful smile – you should use it more often.” Rita said, giving him a smile of her own.

Talson self-consciously blushed again. He struggled to keep the conversation moving, but didn’t want to seem like he was flirting. ‘I have no time for a relationship in my life,’ he thought. ‘Besides, I don’t think I even know how to flirt!

His silence caused Rita to fill it. “Talson, let me help you with this. I’m not after anything at all. I don’t want your money, fame, or fortune. I don’t want a relationship, because I’m never in one place more than a week at the most. Now a friend, on the other hand, is something everyone can use.  Does that help?”

Talson felt a huge weight being lifted from his shoulders. “Again, I’m so sorry. I spend so much time in my lab that I really don’t spend time with people, and I think sometimes I’ve forgotten how!”

“Yeah, the goggles were kind of a give-away there.” Rita laughed, poking him in the ribs with her elbow.

He joined her easy laughter, and he was glad that he came after all. The clockwork heart went forgotten in his pocket.

Ch 1 # 14 A 

When they noticed Sabine hovering near a doorway pretending she wasn’t listening, Talson took Rita by the arm and steered her to the next room.

“Sorry about that; Sabine is quite the mother hen. My own mother was so different from her. She was barely a mother at all. Sabine and P.T. practically raised me since I was a teen.” Talson was shocked that he’d said this much to a virtual stranger.

He never talked about his own family; not even to Charles, but this felt right. ‘Hey, mama and papa, I got the Key to the City today. What do you think of that?’ he allowed himself a small mental jab before he put her from his mind. ‘It’s been thirteen years, let it go!’ He steered the topic back to the Smiths.

“Sabine and P.T. took me under their wing when I came to live at the Twinbrook Science Academy. My parents weren’t in the picture, so they made sure I had everything I needed. Sabine’s always on me to cut my hair, to find a girl, to get out and meet people. I’ve always been a loner, so she’s a bit excited to actually see me conversing. You’ll have to excuse her. She means well; she really does.”

“I can see that she loves you very much. And I was sure P.T. was actually going to burst from pride at any moment back there at City Hall. You clearly mean a lot to them.”

“I don’t think I deserve it – I could never do enough to repay them for what they’ve given me. But rest assured, she’ll be on me first thing tomorrow about changes she wants made to her oxybots! Well, after she grills me about you, of course.” He added.

Ch 1 # 14 B 

 They spent the rest of the party talking about absolutely nothing of importance. When it came time to go home, Talson was surprised to find that Rita had slipped her phone number into his pocket when she hugged him goodbye.


Ch 1 # 15 

Weeks had gone by since Sabine’s dinner party, and Talson hadn’t given the phone number in his pocket a second thought. He’d meant to find some of Marguerite’s music; give it a listen, maybe call her and invite her to see the new simbot he was working on.

All the ideas he had on the trip home left his mind the second he set foot inside his lab, and brought the mechanical heart from it’s hiding place in his pocket. He lived and breathed for the simbots, and the new prototype he was working on consumed all his thoughts. It was nothing like he’d ever seen.

At first glance, it seemed P.T. was having him create an ordinary housebot. Talson knew better than to comment, however, because he learned early on that nothing concerning P.T. was as it seemed. Sometimes they worked together, sometimes, like tonight, just Talson. P.T. continued to cling to his secret about this prototype like a drowning man to a lifejacket.

Talson chuckled to himself at the thoughts, while he worked away at his bench. ‘That’s alright, old man, I can wait just as long as you can.’ It was a game they often played, and Talson suspected it was just so P.T. could see how long it would take Talson to figure it out on his own. This simbot had a female figure, at P.T.’s insistence, although Talson himself never bothered making a distinction.        

Tonight, the ringing of the phone was driving him mad – he was trying to concentrate on the schematics for the flow pipes of the simbot. The chemical compound that P.T. provided, which was to run through the tubing and pipes to steampower the ‘bot, had to be precise. However, the caller clearly had no intention on hanging up, so Talson left the workbench to answer the phone.

Ch 1 # 16 

“This is Ashley White” an irritating, high-pitched voice announced. When she was answered by Talson’s confused silence, she forged ahead, annoyance in her voice that she wasn’t recognized. “The secretary and P.R. Manager for Marguerite Florenta? The Singer?”

Again, she was met by silence. “Maybe you remember Rita from Sabine Smith’s party last month?”

Talson pulled his thoughts from the ‘bot on his workbench to the caller. “Rita? From the party?”

“Yes, I believe that’s what I said.” Ashley rolled her eyes. She wouldn’t tolerate this lack of respect from anyone else, but as a P.R. rep, it was her job to make sure Marguerite stayed in the spotlight, and right now, the spotlight was on Talson Curious.

Instead of waiting for a response, she continued like a steamroller. “Marguerite will be in Twinbrook next week and would like to take you to dinner to thank you for the wonderful time she had at the party. I’ll have a steamcar sent for you Friday at 8:00pm sharp, so please be ready on time.”

With that, she promptly hung up the phone.

Ch 1 # 17 

It took Talson a few minutes to wrap his head around what just happened, as he stared blankly at the phone in his hand.

No wonder Rita was hiding from this girl at the party.’ He thought as he replaced the receiver on the hook and went back to the lab. 

He would’ve given it more thought, but it was time to pour the chemicals for the steam into the tubing and see if the calculations were correct. This was really P.T.’s knowledge at work here; Talson was a programmer and budding inventor when they met. While he’d engineered the simbot himself, everything about the process that was now taking place, he owed entirely to P.T.

This simbot not only looked different from the others he created, his programming was going to be something entirely new, too. That, coupled with the mystery chemicals, meant a whole new horizon for Simbotics. He could only guess what P.T. had him putting into the simbot’s water pipes.

 ‘Guesses can wait. Now it’s time to power it up.’ Talson watched the amperage meters and the pressure gauge on the clockwork heart as the mystery chemicals reached a boil and began their journey through the pipes. With a comforting hiss, the steam began to turn the gears. He made some minor adjustments, spinning the handle on the main valve before closing the ‘bot’s access panel.

The ‘bot sat up on the workbench, turned to look at Talson, and smiled. ‘It’s smiling?’ Talson grabbed the blue prints and looked them over. Before he could find an answer in the advanced diagrams, the ‘bot spoke to him.

Ch 1 # 18 

“Happy Birthday, Mr. Curious. I am to deliver this message upon my activation.” A soft, rich, and cheerful voice greeted him.

Startled, Talson dropped the papers on the floor and walked back towards the bench. “My birthday? Wait - I didn’t program you yet. Who did?”     

“Mr. Smith and his son Pascal provided my activation programming, but you will need to complete the rest. My message is that I am a gift from the Smith family to you. I will not only keep your household running smoothly for you, cook, clean, and run your errands, but after you finish programming me, I will be able to assist you in the lab as well. I will power down now, but I am supposed to wish you a happy birthday, and remind you that it is the height of rudeness to refuse a gift of this nature. Good day!”

The simbot’s smile faded as it powered off and went limp on the workbench.         

“Looks like you got me this time, P.T.” Talson said, walking around the simbot. “I never saw that coming.” He pictured P.T. having a laugh at him for forgetting his own birthday again, as well as having tricked him into finally making himself a housebot.  He suspected that Sabine had just as much to do with this ‘gift’ as her husband; maybe more. He recalled her many lectures on his need to acquire a wife or a housebot, as he took his long braided hair and slung it over his back.

“Whatever Sabine wants, Sabine gets.”    Talson went to the phone to thank the Smiths.

*A special Thanks to Aussie Karima, who made an exact copy of the Curious house from TS2 for me to use in my story, (Now known as the Smith house) as well as the fabulous  photo work of the actual clockwork heart in the first picture. She's an angel!!! She also made my Sabine & Ashley. Thanks also to mssygj, who made P.T., as well as other members of the TS2 Curious family who will be seen later in an aged-down version as P.T.'s children. The cover shot is from a lot I tweaked originally created by Amonia called Das Glockenspeil at GOS. (Talson's house) Her Julves Verne Society lot will also be used. Both have been tweaked for story purposes, but the originals can be found at GOS. *Clockwork Doll skin found at SIMulacra And Simulation.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you soon for chapter 2!


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Nov. 28th, 2010 01:43 am (UTC)
Amazing start
What an amazing start Jill. I feel like I know your characters already and I slowly falling in love with our shy, awkward Talson.

I love the backdrop and plot you've created for this. I would never have dreamed up such an intrinsicate plot. Already it sounds well thought out, and well developed.

Can't wait for Talson's lunch date with Rita. And aw, Sabine is such a dear.

The Smith's house looks marvelous :-)
Nov. 28th, 2010 04:13 am (UTC)
All the credit for that house goes to Karima - I can't imagine how much work she put into recreating that house!

Rita gets her "date", and we learn more about Talson in the next chapter.
Nov. 28th, 2010 03:56 pm (UTC)
Wonderful start! I'm with Val, I am falling for Talson! He is cute, awkward, and best of all..smart!

I hope he opens up some to Rita! I agree, he needs a wife!
Nov. 28th, 2010 07:48 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it's pretty bad when you forget your own birthday! Hopefully, she'll at least teach him how to talk to people!
Nov. 29th, 2010 02:04 pm (UTC)
Good Job Jill!
What an imaginative idea for a story. The environment these people live in is a testament to your creative, twisted mind. LOL!!!
I also love Talson already ;) He's cute. LOL @ him forgetting to take his goggles off. You'd think someone would have told him.
Looks like he has found a true friend in Rita. Can't wait to see what happens at the "date".

A new type of simbot, huh? Interesting...

I wonder what these "Darklings" are.
Nov. 29th, 2010 03:19 pm (UTC)
Great start Jill! Talson is a hotty! Must share him, LOL! I agree with Holley about the Darklings!

Looking forward to more!
Dec. 7th, 2010 10:56 pm (UTC)
~ I can finally comment!Yeah!
~ I loved it,I want more!(on to read the next CH!)(",)
Dec. 9th, 2010 08:38 am (UTC)
Loved it so much! OMG Talson reminds me of my boyfriend; the long hair, the hours spent theorising, etc.

Talson and Rita make a great couple already, i loved their interactions. And I love the Smiths too, this is such a great idea, Jilly, and I'm off right away to read chapter 2! :D
Dec. 30th, 2010 07:33 pm (UTC)
This was really, REALLY good! I was sucked right in. I love the background info you gave, all the tiny details about things in the future just placed me there!!

And OMG! Talson is just adorable! His embarrassed faced had me grinning! I know how it is to get so engrossed in something and tune everything else out...but not my birthday!:P LOL!!

On to the next chapter!
Jan. 26th, 2011 01:46 pm (UTC)
I just started reading this story as it was the next one on my to read list after I got all caught up with what I was reading, This story is beautifully written, so much detail and very different for anything I had read thus far! The characters are so vivid I feel like I know them almost on a personal level. Excellent job, off to read more!
Feb. 4th, 2011 03:00 pm (UTC)
Thanks, everyone!

I just did a pretty big retool of this opening charpter, as I left out the actual item the story was named for. Pretty lame on my part, and I simply couldn't live with it for another minute. I finally went back and fixed it, so I hope if you have the chance to look it over again, that you do.

I apologize for the error, and for making you have to read it over!
Mar. 12th, 2011 05:48 pm (UTC)
new reader here! lol
i like the start! i feel kinda bad for talson because he's just so awkward lol. hes too cute to be stuck in the lab all the time
lisa dix
Feb. 6th, 2012 06:58 am (UTC)
ooooh..just started reading this, it had me at go!~

Very involved storyline, going to read more now, and yea, Talson is a cutie=).edenz

Edited at 2012-02-06 11:01 am (UTC)
Jun. 3rd, 2012 12:43 pm (UTC)
Awesome start! I love the Strangetown references and the sort of steam punk type world. Talson is a great character, I love the awkward inventor types. I'm looking forward to where the thing with Rita goes, and of course, the new bot!
Whitney Martinez
Jul. 30th, 2012 02:37 pm (UTC)
Just wanted you to know I just started reading this and I really like it. I will try to read more ...I have so many of these that I am trying to read.
Misty D. Dady
Feb. 10th, 2013 01:20 am (UTC)
Hiya Jilly! Swinging by tonight to start reading your story. Quite an interesting start! Simbots and oxy sensors, oh my. I love the spins everyone comes up with for their stories :)

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